SACO is a family-owned business that is dedicated to develop products that are free from harmful ingredients. Inspired by the desire to create nutritious and organic products using the finest ingredients to promote healthy hair and deliver exceptional results.  

 Supernature - ‘Superfood for your hair’

Treat Your Hair - The next generation of nutritious haircare, formulated to nourish and enrich both the hair and scalp. 


Rich in natural superfood technology and containing ingredients such as Boitin, Pea Protein , Wheatgrass and Quinoa, the range is designed to nourish and enrich both hair and scalp.

Using the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, the beneficial combinations of Superfoods, vitamins, minerals and essential oils, rich in health giving antioxidants, deliver great results.

Plant Derived | Certified Organic | Botanical | SLS/Sulphate Free | Petroleum Free - Dea Free | Paraben Free | Fragrance Free  Silicone Free | Phthalate Free Phosphate Free | Contains Certified Organic Essential Oils 


Proudly a Member of The Green Salon Collective Recycling/Composting/Recovery 

Our key goal is to recycle and reuse salon waste, and GSC use hair in over 10 different ways, including cleaning up oil spills and donate all their profits from recycled metals to further support the environment.

At SACO we maintain our commitment towards becoming a more sustainable company. We will continue to create cleaner products with a conscience that does no harm to our environment by utilising packaging that is recyclable or biodegradable. Our efforts — towards a better world