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Hydrating Conditioner

Hydrating Conditioner

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Compliments the hydrating shampoo by helping to further nourish and strengthen the hair. Re-hydrated and leaves the hair smooth, shiny, and softer. 

  • Coats the hair with a protective layer to strengthen the weakened hair barriers.
  • Provides protective benefits to helps nourish and protect the hair.
  • Adds additional moisture to the hair and stabilizes the hair’s own moisture.

 Key Ingredients:

Amla Fruit Extract: Strongly nourishes and may help strengthen the hair and hair volume
Hydrolyzed Pea Protein’s film-forming properties render it an effective moisturizer that provides protective benefits and a silky voluminous feel.
Organic Samoa Coconut Oil: deeply penetrates and replenishes the moisture in the hair, which leaves it smooth, hydrated and shiny
Babassu Oil:  An excellent moisturiser for hair and helps nourish and protect the hair.

How to Use

  • Apply to wet hair, lather small amount in the palms and massage into hair and scalp, leave the lather for two minutes then rinse thoroughly.
  • For optimal benefits use the Saco Hydrating Conditioner prior.
  • Perfect for dry, coarse or brittle hair.


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